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About Us

  Brown Sugar Is Born.

Brown Sugar was born from the basic concept that every woman deserves simply stunning hair.  Though Dubai provides this opportunity for several women... women with kinky textured hair have not been so fortunate.  

Black hair care is no easy task... it's not just relaxing, styling and braiding. It involves advanced knowledge of textures and products and implementing the right techniques for a healthy and beautiful result. 


Brown Sugar is here is to give you, not only fabulous styles but, the healthy shiny feel you have been looking for. So, look no more!


We have a highly skilled team of afro hair stylists who will ensure you get the best treatments for your afro or multi textured hair, to ensure that you look and feel stunning!
Excellent customer care and keeping abreast with the latest hair treatment in afro hair and beauty is our key to success.

Above all, we provide unbiased advice on your hair and recommend the best hair products that suits your hair to get the best results.


We cater for all hair types and can recommend a hairstyle for any season or occasion.

Hair Model
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