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The difference between Relaxers, Perms & Texturizers?

We offer a variety of the best relaxers, perms and texturizers… but what’s the difference? Relaxers chemically straighten afro hair; perms add curls or waves to your afro hair and texturisers gently soften frizzy Afro hair.

How long Relaxers last for?

Relaxing is a long-lasting afro hair smoothing service that smooths and straightens afro hair until either the hair grows out or you have a haircut. Much like when you have coloured your hair, when your hair grows you will need to have a ‘touch up’ service.

Our relaxers vary in strength, depending on your hair, and we also use conditioning relaxers.  When relaxing your hair, we take a number of factors into consideration such as your curl type, hair length, and the condition of your hair. These factors are necessary in helping us determine what relaxer suits your hair type.

Depending on the condition of your hair, our stylists may suggest a deep conditioning hair treatment to further strengthen, moisturise and protect your hair.


Avlon Affirm

The Avlon Affirm Conditioning Relaxer is more technologically advan ced than ever, and is available at Brown Sugar Hair Salon. Avlon Affirm straightens hair with increased moisture, leaving the hair manageable and easy to comb with an incredible softness and shine. 


Mizani Relaxers

This conditioning classic relaxer, is designed to transform coarse and resistant hair into sleek, smooth waves. Mizani was created with scalp care in mind and is effective on a range of curl types, from coils, loose waves and curls, delivering consistent results with no scalp irritation. This professional product is formulated with sodium hydroxide and is safe for colour treated and fine hair, and is a safe, effective instant way to go from frizzy to glossy.

ORS Relaxers

ORS Relaxer is designed to straighten hair, it utilizes olive oil to protect the hair from getting damaged during the relaxer process.

Historically, olive oil has been used as a healing elixir, rich in essential fatty acids that impart moisture directly to the hair and scalp.

The system provides continous protection while straightening and providing long-lasting shine.


The ORS Olive Oil has an inbuilt Protection No-Lye Hair Relaxer system that infuses hair with moisturizing olive oil and natural herbs to help to protect the hair from damage during processing, resulting in a smoother, softer, stronger hair with impeccable shine.

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