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Different types of weaves

We have a wide selection of 100% human air in Salon for Clients to choose from and can & get 30% discount on service with the hair purchase. However, if you have your own hair, you are welcome to bring it.  We recommend that you invest in a high quality 100% human hair for you to achieve the most natural look that is long lasting.

Some of our weave services

Leave Out: Weave on with part of the hair is left outside
Fully Covered: Weave on with all the hair completely covered with the extension
Weave Cap:  This is when the weave is glued on to a special type of cap, then placed on to the client’s head.

Customised Wig: This is when the hair extension is done in a way where the client can take the whole extensions on and off as per their convenience.
Lace Frontal: A piece of frontal closure is used to make the hair line look as natural as possible.

How to care for your weave

  • Before applying water on your weave, always detangle it.

  • Use a heat protector when heat styling your weave

  • Use a silk scarf on your weave when sleeping to maintain your weave with a silk scarf when you sleep to maintain it and too keep it looking nice and fresh for longer.

  • It is advisable to do deep conditioning treatment on your weave at least every month.

  • Wearing the weave for over 8 weeks may damage your hair especially the hair line.

  • Treat and care for your weave the same way you would/do your own.

Human Hair Extensions-min.JPG
100 % Long Human Hair
Human Hair with Side fringe
Weave side.JPG
Curly/ Wavey colored weave

Our weaving

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